Most Horrifying Childcare Stories That Are A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

2. Don’t Push The Button

In September 2017, a two-year-old boy toddled out of his classroom at the It’s a Small World Child Care Center in Gallatin, Tennessee, and the teachers didn’t seem to notice. He walked down the hall, and still, no one noticed. He walked past the director’s office door and past the front desk. The front entrance was a heavy door, but he knew that if he just pushed the big green button, it would swing open automatically. He proceeded to walk straight into a busy highway. It was 6:50 AM when his mother dropped the boy off at the daycare, and at 8:30 AM, a man was driving to work and noticed the toddler in the middle of the street. He pulled over and brought the child to safety.

When the boy’s mother came to the daycare to pick up her son at 4:00 PM, she was greeted by the Department of Human Services, who told her the whole story. The daycare never called her to let her know about her son, and they’re not telling her any details about the timeline of when or how her son got outside.[9]

1. The Devil’s Den

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A man named Nicholas Andreas Gonzales Malven was caught with a photograph of himself molesting a four-year-old boy. When the police searched through his home, they discovered piles of evidence that he had been sexually assaulting kids for years and producing child pornography. Then, he sent the photos to another man online, who was also collecting images of his crimes so that they could swap with one another. Malven also sent the pictures to an undercover FBI agent.

How did Malven get access to so many children? He worked at a daycare. He worked at a total of three daycares, in fact. At one of them, he even filed a complaint that he was being discriminated against for being a man because the daycare didn’t allow him access to the younger children.

Malven was sentenced to 45 years in prison in February 2018. The owner of the daycare cooperated with the FBI but is still being sued by the parents of the victims.[10]

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