Most Horrifying Childcare Stories That Are A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

6. What’s For Lunch?

At the Lake Bowen Baptist Church Child Development Center in Inman, South Carolina, teachers were helping the students take out their lunch boxes to eat, just like any other day. To their shock and horror, one of the toddlers took a loaded handgun out of her Hello Kitty lunch box. Thankfully, one of the teachers spotted it before any damage could be done, confiscating the weapon and removing the bullets.

According to the child’s mother, their family had been victims of a carjacking, which prompted her to buy a gun for her protection. She got a concealed carry permit so that she could bring the gun with her everywhere. That day, she packed her daughter’s lunch and hid the gun in the lunch box’s front pocket while she was showering and getting ready. Then, she drove her daughter to daycare, but she forgot to remove the gun from the lunch box.[5]

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it could have just as easily turned out like the next story.

5. Playing Cops And Robbers

Photo credit: WDIV-TV

Timothy and Samantha Eubanks ran an unlicensed daycare business out of their home in Dearborn, Michigan. Tim was a hunter, so he owned several guns, but he didn’t lock them away in a gun safe. The couple’s three-year old son knew where his father kept the guns, and in September 2017, he pulled out a handgun and brought it over to a group of kids who were playing outside. He probably thought the gun was a toy, so he pulled the trigger and shot two children, both aged three. One of them was shot in the shoulder and should make a recovery. The second child was shot in the face, lost an eye, and needed several surgeries to survive.

News cameras captured police officers carrying multiple firearms out of the home. The children were taken to the police station until their parents could pick them up. The parents were arrested and charged with child abuse and felony firearm violations.[6]

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