Most Horrifying Childcare Stories That Are A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

8. Taken

In November 2017, a mother in Pretoria, South Africa, was bringing her five-year-old son to daycare. She learned that the staff were letting children leave the building with friends at closing time without double-checking with the parents to confirm if that was okay. This scared her, so she made it clear to them that she only wanted her child to leave with herself or her husband.

Only a week later, the boy’s mother showed up to get her son, and she was horrified to learn that they’d handed the boy off to a stranger who was actually a child predator. The kidnapper somehow had the parents’ phone number. He called the boy’s father, demanding a ransom for his return, and tortured the little boy. Two days later, the police found the boy abandoned at a barber shop. The mother believes that the employees of the daycare center were somehow involved with the kidnapping because everyone in the staff knew what her husband actually looked like.[3]

7. Nap Time

Photo credit: WMAQ-TV

Melatonin naturally occurs in the body to help us fall asleep, and it’s available in supplement form. However, it’s not okay to give it to kids because it has been known to cause seizures and other health complications in children. It’s also possible to overdose on melatonin, especially for kids who are taking adult-sized amounts. That didn’t stop three daycare employees in Chicago from giving kids melatonin gummies every single day during nap time so that they would fall asleep.

Typically, teachers should never be giving medication to children without a parent’s permission, but it gets worse. They force-fed the gummies to all of the kids, even if they refused to eat them. One of the parents found out about this and called the police. The workers claimed that they didn’t think it was inappropriate behavior, and their excuse was that the gummies were something that can be bought over the counter, so it’s not their fault. All of them were arrested and charged with battery and endangering the life of a child in March 2018.[4]

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