Most Horrifying Childcare Stories That Are A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

10. Daycare Fight Club

Photo credit: AP

Sometimes, kids get into disagreements over sharing a toy or snack, and it can lead to a fight. Normally, teachers at a daycare try to encourage children to use their words, rather than their fists. However, in 2015, two employees at a daycare center called Lightbridge Academy in Cranford, New Jersey, Erica Kenny and Chanese White, thought that two toddlers fighting was entertaining and allowed it to go on.

They began uploading videos to Snapchat of the toddler fights. In the videos, Kenny (left above) and White (right above) cheer them on and encourage them to keep going. Erica Kenny can be heard quoting the movie Fight Club, which was clearly their inspiration. At least 12 children were involved in these fights orchestrated by Kenny and White. The duo had the misconception that once a Snapchat video is done, it can never be retrieved. Obviously, they were wrong. The videos were collected and handed to the authorities. The women were charged with child abuse. They pleaded guilty in 2016.[1]

9. Boarding School From Hell

Photo credit: Alachua County Sheriff

A woman named Anna Elizabeth Young ran a group she called the House of Prayer For All People near Micanopy, Florida, during the 1980s and 1990s. She opened up her home as a childcare center, and parents were happy to leave their kids with this woman, who seemed like a very sweet and devout Christian. Besides the normal daycare hours, she also offered overnight babysitting and called her home a religious boarding school.

Of course, the members of Young’s prayer group had no idea they were being manipulated into joining her cult. She told her followers that if their children misbehaved, it meant that the Devil was inside them. She claimed that if the parents left the kids overnight, she she would exorcise their demons and teach them to be sweet little angels. Little did the parents know that she had been torturing children in her home since the 1960s.

In 1992, Young gave a child a bath but poured chemicals all over his body, which left burns on his skin that the parents were able to notice once they got home. Young was charged with child abuse but ran from Florida to avoid arrest. She was finally caught and sentenced to about six months in prison in 2001. In 2017, Young, now 75 years old, was charged with murder for the death of a toddler who was tortured and starved. Investigators believe there could be “many, many more” abuse victims. A number of adults, some now in their forties and fifties, have come forward to aid police in their investigation.[2]

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