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13 Scientific Tips To Overcoming Negative Thoughts With Positive Thinking

Get Positive Tip #10: Tap Into Joy

As we said above, your mind will almost always listen to your body. I’ve always said that it’s impossible to be negative or sad while jumping on a big trampoline. The same is true – for me anyway – listening to swing or boogie-woogie. Or watching laughing baby videos on YouTube. Or dancing under the stars or to thumping music. Or singing.

The very act of singing (or whistling as per Anna in “The King and I”) a happy tune will lift your spirits in an instant.

And, as it happens, it’s likely to lift the spirits of those around you.

Get Positive Tip #11: The Attitude of Gratitude

This should be taught from pre-school right through PhD studies and every single day. If you mull over how the world “done you wrong”, you will spiral down into negative thinking.

But if you remind yourself – when you wake, when you’re down, when you eat, when you lie your head down at night – of the gifts you already possess in life and give gratitude, your positivity will naturally rise. Having trouble thinking of what to give gratitude for? Start with oxygen and water. A warm home. A relatively stable society. The fact that bears are not eating your legs. And work your way up to your loving friends and family. There’s no shortage of what to be grateful for.

Get Positive Tip #12: Remember, This Here is Your Circus, and You Are the Monkey That Counts

You are at the center ring of your life’s three-ring circus. There is little good peering out your tent into the apparently perfect, shimmering, flawless life of others. It’ll only get you down. Stay focused on improving your life step by step, or as Al Pacino rasped through the words, “this is a game of inches”. You will feel positive when you see yourself advancing by inches or even millimeters rather than by gaping at the leaps and bounds made my the gorgeous millionaires next door.

And besides, what goes on beyond their closed doors or their eyes may not be so pretty after all. As the bit of wisdom goes, “never compare your inner life to someone else’s outer life”. It’s an unfair match up because you can’t see their inner turmoil, sadness or grief. But you sure can feel your own!

Get Positive Tip #13: Savor the Moment

Yeah, the Buddhists recommend that we float in the “now” and focus on our breath and this will help eliminate the suffering of the mind’s woes. That’s true. But we can not only empty ourselves in the now, we can fill ourselves with its gifts and beauty. The smell of flowers. The caress of a breeze on our cheeks. The texture of velvet, or camembert or carpet or grass or our lover’s skin. The sound of laughter rolling in from a nearby playground. The bark of a dog. The breath in your lungs.

Everything you experience in this world can be seen not as a punishment of unseen gods, which is how negative people reinforce their mindset, but the utterly free, unearned, unasked for, no-strings-attached gifts of a loving universe.

Life is blowing you a million kisses a day. Catch them.

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