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13 Scientific Tips To Overcoming Negative Thoughts With Positive Thinking

Get Positive Tip #8: Reframe your Thoughts

How we self-talk is perhaps the most important thing we can change to increase our positive mindset. Several years after my divorce, I started saying “When I got single,” instead of “When I got divorced” – which focused both me and my listeners on the new possibilities and new life I had, not what was “lost”.

Similarly, you can “trick” your brain into the creative, productive state of positivity by shifting your own terms. So instead of saying, “Oh jeez, this is going to be painfully hard,” you can say, “All right boys and girls, this is going to be a fun challenge where we’ll probably discover inner resources we don’t even know we have!”

Get Positive Tip #9: Take the Wheel

Negative thinking can stem from what I call the “Eeyore” syndrome, where you just feel as if you have no inner resources at all and expect the worst. But for most people it tends to grow from a feeling of helplessness. That your efforts will count for nothing because you are at the mercy of “the system” or “the man” or “secret societies” or “vested interests”.

Nobody ever promised that the world was aligned to serve your best personal good, but when you take responsibility for EVERY aspect of your life – your health, wealth and relationships for starters, you then see the world as your personal play-doh, not your cage. And you can create whatever wonderful, colorful constructions out of it you choose, should you choose.

But none of that will ever happen unless you take responsibility for how you create your life, right down to the food your eat, the people you hang out with, the way you spend your leisure time, the thoughts you entertain and swirl around in your head and the words that come out of your mouth.

Any time you feel tempted to blame others for your state, catch yourself, take the wheel of your life and find a way to steer it all in the direction you choose – if only for a few inches to start.

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