10 Inspirational Stories Of People Who Escaped A Life Of Homelessness

5. Amanda Richer

Photo credit: GoFundMe

After surviving a traumatic brain injury, Amanda Richer could no longer hold a job due to her disability and chronic pain. She lost her home and was forced to live in a tent under a bridge in Seattle. Richer became involved with local homeless organizations and worked at soup kitchens to get free meals. She met Mark Horvath, a man who has a nonprofit organization called Invisible People. He interviews homeless people for the organization’s YouTube channel. Despite Amanda’s circumstances, she stood out because of her smiling, bubbly personality.

During her interview, Mark asked her how she remains positive while being homeless. She responded:

You have to get through it. You have to remind yourself that you are a person. You are not an object. And it doesn’t matter who threw you away . . . You are worthy of getting through this. You have to love yourself, because no one is coming to save you . . . If you have to be a Disney princess to do it, be a Disney princess.

After her interview went online, Mark helped her create a GoFundMe account. Amanda Richer was finally able to get an apartment. She has made several update videos with Mark, where she is still a happy, bubbly Disney princess.[7]

4. Amos Reed

Amos Reed is a bright, nerdy kid who loves playing board games and talking about fantasy and sci-fi. He sounds like a lot of kids living in Santa Barbara, California, except for the fact that he was raised by a single mother in streets, shelters, and the occasional motel room. At 23 years old, Reed had opted to sleep on park benches instead of sharing a cramped motel room with his mother. He was never able to finish his high school diploma, which prevented him from finding steady work. One day, he walked into a store called Game Seeker and asked for a job.

After his first paycheck, he was able to rent a shared bedroom, and he was no longer homeless. Once he had a roof over his head, he began working on completing his GED. His passion for board games made him the perfect employee for Game Seeker, where he still works today.[8]

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