10 Bearded Ladies Who Defied Beauty Conventions

3. Helena Antonia

Photo credit: Wikimedia

There is little information to be found about Helena Antonia, a bearded lady born in the 1500s, but her status and her role in the court of Holy Roman Empress Maria of Austria makes this mysterious bearded lady more than worthy of inclusion in this list.[1]

Helena Antonia was a bearded dwarf who was valuable enough for her portrait to be painted as a member of the court. She was clearly dressed in the feminine attire of the time, and contemporary depictions of her show a full, dark beard.

Was she seen as a fully actualized woman and member of the court, or did she have more of a jester role? Whatever her status was, her feelings on the matter have been lost to the mists of time. Little but her portrait remains.

2. Kore Bobisuthi

Photo credit: The Oregonian

Kore Bobisuthi is mother who seems to live a pretty ordinary life, except that she just so happens to have a beard. Kore has a full, luxurious beard, which she exhibits in beard competitions against men. Kore’s beard is so delightfully in place because she suffers from a debilitating disease called polycystic ovary syndrome, also known as PCOS.

Despite her own pride in her beard, she is abused constantly when she’s out in public just for living her own life and not shaving her face. For Kore, her partner, and their son, the problem is not the beard; it is society. And when men feel they have a right to abuse and harass a woman just for having a beard, it’s hard to dispute that.[9]

1. Harnaam Kaur

Photo credit: Sarah Lee/The Guardian

Harnaam Kaur is a bearded lady who is an Instagram star. Despite having a full beard from the effects of PCOS, Harnaam is now a bona fide Instagram personality and model.

You can’t look away from Harnaam, who splashes color all over herself with lipstick, a bright turban, and decadent, richly ornamental clothing and jewelry. Instead of hiding herself away, she adorns herself and puts herself out there. She is an example of positivity and variance in beauty in a world that so often expects women to look, weigh, and act a certain way.

Harnaan has overcome bullying from her peers and other adults as well and takes pride in the way she looks and the beauty that she exudes, which seems somehow enhanced by rather than marred by her luscious beard.[10]

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