10 Bearded Ladies Who Defied Beauty Conventions

7. Annie Jones

Photo credit: Charles Eisenmann

Annie Jones was born in 1865 to American parents, her beard already starting to form in the womb and visible at birth.

At just over a year old, she was dubbed “the Infant Esau” and exhibited by P.T. Barnum. After being offered $150 a week, which was a lot of money back then, Annie’s mother set up a home in New York with her daughter. Unfortunately, she was forced to return to her home in Virginia, and while she was attending to a family emergency, Annie was kidnapped by a local phrenologist. Luckily, she was found in upstate New York, and her mother returned, never leaving her daughter’s side again.

Annie became the Esau Child, and then the Esau Lady, and became a professional freak, traveling the world. She became an accomplished musician and enhanced her appearance by growing the hair on her head over 1.8 meters (6 ft) long. Annie was married twice and died at the age of 37. Surviving photos of her show a delicate, well-dressed woman with a luxurious growth of well-kept facial hair.[4]

6. Clementine Delait

Photo credit: Sideshow World

Clementine Delait was a Frenchwoman who delighted in the beauty of her double-plumed beard.

Bearded from her teenage years, Clementine was married to a baker and ran a cafe and bakery in Lorraine. Originally, she shaved her beard, but after seeing another bearded woman, she bet her husband that she could grow a better beard. The wager attracted customers to their cafe, which, before long, was renamed “Cafe of the Bearded Woman.”

In 1904, she obtained government permission to dress in men’s clothing, which she did sometimes. She preferred to cycle in a skirt, though.

Clementine Delait was a devoted wife and mother to her adopted child. She was a larger-than-life woman who really seemed like she would have been loads of fun to know. Unable to write, she dictated her memoirs and made it known that she wished to be buried under the words, “Here lies Clementine Delait, the bearded lady.”[5]

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