Top 10 Ways The Nazis Could Have Won World War II

4. Hitler Did Not Halt The Pursuit Of British Forces At Dunkirk

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In May 1940, German infantry units and several tank divisions were in pursuit of 350,000 British soldiers at Dunkirk. The Panzer tank divisions were on the verge of surrounding the British forces while the Luftwaffe (German air force) conducted an unimpeded bombing raid on the enemy.

Suddenly, Hitler gave the “halt” order.[7] Rather than let the fast-driving Panzer tanks overtake the British Expeditionary Force (BEF), Hitler wanted the slow-moving infantry units to do the job.

The British military command capitalized on Hitler’s mistake and mobilized ships, yachts, fishing boats, rowboats, and lifeboats to evacuate the BEF. Eventually, only 40,000 British troops were captured by the Germans.

If Hitler had allowed the Panzer divisions to continue their pursuit, the Germans could have captured significantly more British troops. Britain may have surrendered early in the war, just like France.

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