Top 10 Ways The Nazis Could Have Won World War II

5. Hitler Did Not Order The Bombing Of British Cities

Photo credit: BBC

Germany’s bombing campaign on Britain, initially restricted to military and industrial targets, was aimed at crippling Britain’s capacity to defend itself. In fact, Germany made remarkable gains in the bombardment of military installations, especially British air force bases and airfields.

When the Royal Air Force (RAF) launched a retaliatory air raid on Berlin, Hitler lost his temper and ignored the significant progress that the German air force had made against its British counterpart. In September 1940, several British airfields and air force bases had been destroyed.

The RAF was hopping on one leg when Hitler gave it a respite and ordered that German planes bombard British cities, especially London.[6] This gave the RAF ample time to repair its airfields and bases and return to battle at full capacity.

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