Top 10 Ways The Nazis Could Have Won World War II

6. Hitler Didn’t Interfere With Battle Strategy

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Hitler’s interference with battle strategy caused more damage than the combined efforts of the Allied forces. He bypassed his generals on the Eastern Front and assumed day-to-day operational command of the army.

Worse yet, Hitler did not consider any point of view that differed from his own. He issued orders based on his perception of reality. From his headquarters in Germany, Hitler directed the movements of individual divisions on the Eastern Front using information that was too old by the time it reached him.[5]

For example, Hitler’s directive that German troops should stand firm in Moscow was against the counsel of his military officers on the ground. It led to the deaths of a million German soldiers.

Moreover, several historians believe that it wasn’t just the firepower of the Allied Forces that made their invasion of Normandy successful. Hitler’s refusal to listen to wise military counsel played a major role in the defeat of German forces in France.

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