Top 10 Ways The Nazis Could Have Won World War II

2. Germany Did Not Fight On Two Fronts

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The fact that Germany was engaged in combat on two fronts played a crucial role in their defeat. The Nazis were fighting Britain and the US, among others, to the west while they battled the Soviet Union to the east. This proved to be a fatal decision for Germany.

If the Nazis had fought on one front at a time, the course of the war could have been different. The June 22, 1941, invasion of the Soviet Union turned a one-front battle against a war-weary Britain into a two-front engagement. The Eastern Front absorbed about three-quarters of the German army and resulted in two-thirds of German casualties.[9]

Many historians wonder why Hitler made the fatal mistake of invading the Soviet Union when Britain had yet to surrender. If Hitler had invaded Britain and waited patiently to win the war before moving to the Eastern Front, he would have kept the war on a single front.

With Britain defeated, it would have been nearly impossible for the US to have operational bases in Europe. Even if that had become possible, it would have bought Germany enough time to figure out how to subdue the United States.

Hitler’s diversion of military resources to the Soviet Union gave the British ample time to rebuild their military might and allowed the US to gain a stronghold on the Western Front. If Hitler had been more cautious and restricted the war to one front at a time, there is little doubt that World War II would have turned in Germany’s favor.

Moreover, historians believe that if Hitler had not broken the nonaggression pact as early as he did, the Soviets, who had Stalin as their dictator, could have become an Axis power. Hitler could have turned against the Soviet Union at the most convenient time.

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