Top 10 Scandals That Rocked Royal Families

4. King Carl Gustaf’s Sex And Strip Club Scandal

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Sweden is a country that’s particularly proud of its royal family. So in 2010, when the book The Reluctant Monarch laid bare King Carl Gustaf’s appetite for sex at strip clubs, it made international headlines. It also didn’t help his image when readers discovered the king was using well-known “gangsters” in an effort to cover his activities.

Even the secret Swedish police force, Sapo, was accused of working to conceal Gustaf’s questionable activities. They allegedly “pressured” women into handing over any material that might’ve been compromising to the king.

Further allegations noted that “regular suburban girls” were often brought to Gustaf. He’d then promise them anything they wanted in an effort to have sex with them. The king also regularly used prostitutes. For example, during the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, he was said to have spent two hours with a stripper in a private room at Atlanta’s Gold Club.

The book also revealed a nasty underbelly of Swedish society. In addition to the human trafficking, one of the book’s authors was harassed and fired from her public broadcasting job. This was all particularly embarrassing for the people of Sweden, especially as the country championed itself as being a leader in human rights and free speech.

For those who might’ve doubted the allegations, Gustaf’s reaction to the book probably changed their minds. Instead of promising legal action or issuing any kind of denial, he offered the following statement to the press: “I have spoken to my family and the queen, and we chose to turn the page and move forward—because, as I understand, these are things that happened a long time ago.”

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