Top 10 Scandals That Rocked Royal Families

1. George, The Forgotten Son Of The British Monarchy


Photo via Wikimedia

There’s no doubt that Prince George, the Duke of Kent, led a scandalous life. He conducted numerous affairs with both men and women, all behind the back of his wife, Princess Marina of Greece. Interestingly, his death in 1942 has also sparked a few conspiracy theories.

George’s bisexuality did not sit well with the royal family, and although it was kept out of the press, it was one of London’s worst-kept secrets. Similarly, everyone in high society circles knew that George enjoyed drugs like morphine and cocaine.

His affairs were not always with unknown sorts, either. Among those said to have been involved with the prince are Noel Coward, American cabaret artiste Florence Mills, singer Jessie Matthews, Jorge Ferrara (the bisexual son of the Argentine ambassador), and socialite Kiki Preston. Ms. Preston was also a well-known drug addict, and she was referred to as “the girl with the silver syringe.”

George of Kent died in 1942, in a somewhat mysterious plane crash. The official explanation for the tragedy was that the pilot chose the wrong flight path and accidentally crashed the plane into a mountain he wasn’t expecting. However, numerous conspiracy theories have been voiced. Some claim that 39-year-old George was flying the plane while intoxicated, and others say he was purposely killed to halt his increasingly “embarrassing” behavior.

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