Top 10 Pro-Nazi Propaganda Cartoons From World War II

6. Evil Mickey Mouse Invades Japan (1934)

Alternatively called Omochabako series dai san wa: Ehon senkya-hyakusanja-rokunen (Toybox Series 3: Picture Book 1936), Evil Mickey Mouse Invades Japan is a Japanese animated short featuring evil-looking flying mice attacking a group of children and a Felix the Cat look-alike. The flying mice resemble a cross between Mickey Mouse and a bat and are backed by a group of snakes and crocodiles.

Although the children escape the onslaught, the attackers chase after them until some samurais come to the kids’ rescue. The cartoon was created in 1934 but was postdated to 1936. The Japanese felt that postdating was necessary because they anticipated a war against the US in 1936, the year that a US and Japanese naval treaty was supposed to come to an end.[5]

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