Top 10 Pro-Nazi Propaganda Cartoons From World War II

7. Vom Baumlein, Das Andere Blatter Hat Gewollt (1940)

The Nazis called the Jews a parasitic race that was destroying the lives of the hardworking German people. The Nazis even made one film titled Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew), which is regarded as the most extreme of all anti-Jewish films produced during the war.

Vom Baumlein, das andere Blatter hat gewollt (Of the little tree which wished for different leaves) is a similar but animated short based on a poem by German poet Friedrich Ruckert. The short goes straight to the point of painting Jews as parasites. It is about a golden tree that is home to little birds. At least, until a Jew comes along and plucks all its leaves except one.[4]

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