Top 10 Pro-Nazi Propaganda Cartoons From World War II

10. Nimbus Libere (1944)

Nimbus Libere is a short (2 minutes, 33 seconds) created by the Nazis for occupied France. It features Disney characters and was intended to mock the Allied aerial bombardment of occupied France.

It starts with Professor Nimbus (a popular cartoon character of the day) listening to the radio alongside his wife and daughter. Then a Jewish presenter with an elongated nose comes on air to inform listeners that the Allies are coming to liberate them.

Some Allied bombers soon appear in the skies. Three of them are piloted by famous American cartoon characters like Donald Duck, Popeye, and Mickey Mouse while their guns are manned by Goofy and Felix the Cat.

Behind each pilot is a bomb labeled “Made in USA.” Popeye also has a can of whiskey behind him and a map of France in front of him. The bombers drop their payload. But one bomb destroys Professor Nimbus’s house and kills him alongside his family.[1]

Meanwhile, the radio continues broadcasting until the Angel of Death lands on the rubble and switches the radio off before laughing.

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