Top 10 Pro-Nazi Propaganda Cartoons From World War II

+Das Dumme Ganslein (The Silly Goose)

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Das dumme Ganslein is about a goose that leaves its farm and almost falls victim to a crafty fox that kills geese and captures other animals as slaves. It is the last of three shorts produced by German animator Hans Fischer, who is also known as Fischerkoesen.

The two other shorts are Weather-Beaten Melody (1942), which is about a wasp that plays an old record with its stinger, and The Snowman (1943), which we mentioned above.

Like Weather-Beaten Melody and The SnowmanThe Silly Goose is believed by some to be an anti-Nazi short rather than a propaganda cartoon. This is because Weather-Beaten Melody contains forbidden jazz music, The Snowman looks up to better times, and the goose is defiant to authority.

Hans M. Fischerkoesen, Fischerkoesen’s son, claims that his father was neither pro- nor anti-Nazi.[11]

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