Top 10 Pro-Nazi Propaganda Cartoons From World War II

2. Van Den Vos Reynaerde (Reynard The Fox) 1943

Reynard the Fox is based on Van den vos Reynaerde, Ruwaard Boudewijn en Jodocus (Reynard the Fox and the Jew Animal), an anti-Jew, pro-Nazi novel written by pro-Nazi Dutchman Robert van Genechten in 1937. In the novel, Reynard, a fox, kills a crash of rhinoceroses including one called Jodocus, whose name is derived from the Dutch word for “Jew.”

In the cartoon, a kingdom of animals is led by a donkey called Baldwin. Then some merchants, depicted as rhinoceroses with extra-large horns, come along and trick Baldwin until he puts them in charge of collecting the kingdom’s tax.

The rhinoceroses start promoting democracy as an alternative to the outdated aristocracy. Reynard observes the rhinoceroses and discovers that their mission is to overthrow King Baldwin. So Reynard leads the animals in a revolt against the rhinoceroses.[9]

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