Top 10 Nazi Propaganda Films

3. Uncle Kruger

This movie takes place in South Africa in the Orange Free State where the Boers (people of German and Dutch descent) lived. England starts a war with the Boers. While the men are at war, the women are gathered into concentration camps. England also enlists native African people to fight with them against the Boers.

As shown in the video clip above, a German woman tries to speak out and she is shot by English soldiers. Then the soldiers turn on the crowd of civilians, chasing and shooting women at random. A second woman carrying a baby falls to the ground, with no one left to help her children.

Although England did colonize many parts of Africa and took on slaves, this film takes British cruelty and ruthless tactics to gain power to a whole new level. The events of this movie were complete works of fiction but portrayed as historic fact.

The film was shown to German audiences to prepare them for the upcoming war with England. This was the first Nazi propaganda film to receive the “Film of the Nation” award.

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