Top 10 Nazi Propaganda Films

6. Hitler Youth Quex

In this movie, a sweet boy named Heini, nicknamed “Quex” or “Quicksilver,” is being beaten by his Communist father and struggles to survive. Heini meets Nazi boys his own age. They are kind to him, and he finally feels as though he belongs to a sort of family.

Heini overhears his parents’ Communist friends planning to blow up a Nazi building with dynamite, and he calls ahead to save the Nazis’ lives. Completely crushed by her son’s betrayal, Heini’s mother waits until he falls asleep and tries to kill them both by filling the house with gas.

Although his mother dies, Heini survives, only to be chased down later and stabbed to death by a mob of Communists. His Hitler Youth friends are too late to save him, but they hear his last words—the lyrics to a Nazi song.

The message of the film was that Nazism was the new order and the answer to Communist Germany’s problems.

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