Top 10 Nazi Propaganda Films

7. Homecoming

In 1939, Hitler publicly announced the invasion of Poland to rescue the “abused German people.” This film was created to show the German people his fictional story that justified his actions.

In the film, German immigrants in Poland are depicted as an abused minority. Their homes and schools are taken over by the Polish police, they are highly taxed and refused care at hospitals, and many characters are beaten and stoned to death.

Later on, German people are rounded up, crammed into cages, and forced into inhumane conditions. The captured Germans cry and sing, wishing they could be back in their homeland. Eventually, German soldiers invade and save the prisoners so they can return home.

The events in this movie are complete works of fiction, and yet they are presented as historic fact. Homecoming is still banned from German TV because a young person may watch the movie and develop a negative view of Polish people or falsely believe that the invasion of Poland was justified.

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