Top 10 Nazi Propaganda Films

8. I Accuse


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In 1941, Ich Klage An, or I Accuse, succeeded in convincing thousands of Germans to agree with the Nazi’s T4 program, which mandated the mass execution of people with terminal illnesses and disabilities.

The story centers around a beautiful young woman who is married to a doctor who is finally moving up in his career. She is sweet, cheerful, and the perfect example of a German housewife. Tragedy strikes the couple when she is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

After suffering bouts of unbearable pain, she begs her husband to give her a lethal injection so that she can end her suffering and die before she becomes a burden on his life. He agrees to kill her, and the rest of the movie debates whether assisted suicide should be legal.

The Nazis used this debate to divert attention from the fact that they were killing people with mental and physical disabilities without the patients’ consent. The Nazis did not want the public to believe that disabilities could be overcome and that people could live happy, productive lives despite their handicaps.

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