Top 10 Nazi Propaganda Films

9. Jud Suss

This film was loosely based on a true story from the 1700s. As a new duke, Karl Alexander of Wurttemberg appoints a Jewish banker, Joseph Oppenheimer, to advise him on financial affairs. When Oppenheimer raises taxes for German citizens, both men get rich. The duke rewards Oppenheimer by allowing Jews into the town, so they migrate in large numbers.

As Oppenheimer conspires with a rabbi, the two of them repeatedly say that they are trying to take over Germany in the name of Israel. A young married couple falls victim to Oppenheimer. The husband is tortured, the wife is raped, and her husband eventually fishes her dead body out of the river. The Jewish people in the town are forced to leave, and Oppenheimer is executed.

In reality, the records of Joseph Oppenheimer’s death recorded his “abusing good fortune” and giving “bad counsel.” In modern terms, we call it fraud and embezzlement.

This movie took the story of one greedy individual and inflated his evil to the level of a terrorist and rapist, using him to represent Jewish people as a whole. The last line of the film gives a chilling warning to the audience: Never trust the Jews, or this will happen to your town.

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