Top 10 Nazi Propaganda Films

1. Stukas

The main character is a soldier who has become “shell-shocked”—in modern terms, has post-traumatic stress disorder—from his experiences in the war. He goes back to Germany, watches an opera, and gets over his woes once he remembers his deep love for his country.

At the end of the movie, the soldier actually laughs about how much “fun” it was to bomb the enemy and seems to be happy to return to war. In the final scene, the German pilots are flying off to bomb England and they are all singing together.

The film’s purpose was to convince the public that an individual’s emotions are not as important as the entire country and sacrificing one’s self to the Nazi Party. The public was encouraged to be blindly obedient to the orders they were given, even to the point of being convinced to somehow enjoy what they were doing.

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