Top 10 Crazy Bridal Preparation Customs

5. Round Rotis


Photo credit: Christian Kohler

Those who have been to India and neighboring countries have definitely encountered roti. This is a thin flatbread similar to tortillas, made from wheat flour, water, and vegetable oil or fat. Rotis are commonly eaten for breakfast with curry and tea. You’re probably wondering what roti has to do with women and marriage. Well, have you ever heard the famous saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?”

In India, it’s not enough for a woman with marriage on her mind to be a regular cook; she must be a master of the roti. Not just any roti will do, though. It has to be perfectly round. Because rotis aren’t cut out with circular discs like donuts, making a simple roti could make or break a marriage in India. It’s common for a woman to be divorced just because she served an imperfect roti to her husband. Mothers have to tirelessly teach their daughters how to make perfect rotis before they can become suitable for marriage.

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