Top 10 Crazy Bridal Preparation Customs

8. The Veil

Covering the bride before she is presented to her new husband is common. Veils are a common choice for many brides, mostly to cover their faces. They can be made from netted polyester or some other delicate material.

Some groups take the idea of veiling the bride further. When an Anlo Ewe bride is finally handed over to her new husband after a period of seclusion, her parents cover her body with powder as a symbol of her allegiance to her new husband. Among the Shona people of Zimbabwe, after the bride finally decides to go to her husband’s house (which she doesn’t have to do immediately after the wedding), she is draped in white so no one will see her. The traditional Japanese bride’s body is painted white to signify to all that she is a maiden. Her traditional kimono dress is also white, as is her intricate headpiece.

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