Top 10 Crazy Bridal Preparation Customs

9. Love Huts

In the Cambodian village of Ratanakiri, a woman’s preparation for her marriage involves empowering her mentally. A girl is given a sense of control over her choices. It is for this reason that in the Kreung hill tribes in Tang Kamal, the fathers of teen girls as young as 13 years old go out of their way to build special “girls’ houses,” as they are referred to in the local community, although they are subtly nicknamed “love huts.”

The young girl normally sleeps in the hut alone. She is also encouraged to use this little abode to entertain different boys. She decorates the hut with flowers and mats on the floor to make it comfortable for her guests, who usually come under the cover of darkness. Normally, a girl engages in conversations with her visitors, but she can also have sex with them if they have a deeper friendship. The choice is hers whether a boy can come into her hut or not, as is whether or not she will have sex with him. This gives her a sense of being in control because the boy cannot contend with her choice. Boys can take gifts to the girl in the hope of winning her favor. She will eventually decide which of the boys will marry her when she feels that she is ready for marriage.

Premarital sex is valued among the hill tribes, and it is believed that by engaging in it with different boys, girls become mentally empowered. But times are changing, and some families are ditching this age-old custom of preparing their daughters for marriage. Nowadays, families are building larger houses, and the young girls are given separate rooms inside the house. The girls still engage in premarital sex, although the parents also play a part in deciding whom she does it with. The custom has had its fair share of trouble, though, as unplanned pregnancies can result (despite the use of condoms), and young boys will fight over the girls.

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