10 Things That Prove Our Ancestors Were Total Pervs

6. The Marquis De Sade (France)

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De Sade was the leading light of Libertinism, a philosophy that promoted the importance of pleasure above all other considerations. To this end he abducted, imprisoned and tortured women; sexually abused his servants; poisoned people on a whim and once turned a high society gathering into a deranged orgy thanks to the aphrodisiac Spanish fly. Men, women, children, freakin’ nuns; anyone was fair game. Too much for even Louis XVI’s decadent France; he was chucked in prison until the revolution freed him, before being locked back up by Napoleon for resuming his dirty ways.

5. The Emperors (China)


Alongside wives and mistresses, the average Chinese Emperor was expected to keep around 3,000 concubines, each of whom had to be serviced on a regular basis. This was even more complicated than you might think: whole hosts of secretaries were deployed to make sure each girl received her royal lovin’, while leaving enough room in the Emperor’s schedule for important things like ‘ruling’ and ‘sodomy’. So traditional was this constant flow of poon that Emperor Wen of Sui managed to cause a minor scandal by only taking two concubines, meaning his lightweight daily sex schedule was still twice as busy as yours. Nor was it just the menfolk: Empress Wu Zetian famously did her best to promote equality; having her own harem filled with nubile young boys.

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