10 Shocking Cases Of Babysitters From Hell

4. Unnamed 11-Year-Old Girl

Zuri Whitehead was only two months old when her life was tragically cut short in February 2015. The baby’s mother, Trina Whitehead, had allowed her friend and the friend’s 11-year-old daughter to keep the girl overnight. That’s when the fatal events happened.

The mother and her daughter, whose names have not been released, were sitting on the couch with baby Zuri when the mother fell asleep. The daughter took Zuri upstairs and began savagely beating her. Then the 11-year-old brought the bloody baby downstairs and woke up her mother.

The woman called 911. Zuri was taken by helicopter to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, where doctors tried desperately to save the little girl’s life. Sadly, Zuri died. She had suffered massive brain injuries and internal bleeding. Her kidney, liver, and spleen were also damaged.

Though the 11-year-old was charged with murder, a judge ruled her unfit to stand trial due to mental illness. She was removed from her mother’s custody and placed in the care of the Lake County Department of Job and Family Services. For her crime, the girl spent seven months in juvenile detention. At last report, she was awaiting a custody hearing to determine her future living arrangements.

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