10 Ridiculously Specific Predictions That Came True

9. Elena Sheppard


Predicted: 100% of 2013 Golden Globe winners accurately

Policymic is a political news and culture website/forum that launched in 2011. In January 2013, their culture editor Elena Sheppard was assigned to live blog the Golden Globe Awards, and pulled off a feat of prognostication that nobody on record ever has before.

Of course, part of the assignment was speculating on which films and TV shows would take home which prizes—and as with the Oscars and Emmys, there are always odd choices among the no-brainer wins. One would probably have better odds of getting struck by lightning on the red carpet than predicting every last win with one hundred percent accuracy—yet that’s exactly what Elena did.

That’s a perfect 25 for 25, and even allowing for the fact that Elena knows a lot about movies and TV, well . . . so do a lot of people. Professional people who are paid to make these kind of predictions, yet somehow fail to do so with complete accuracy year after year. We have a few questions to ask Elena in advance of our trip to Las Vegas.

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