10 Most Eccentric Millionaires and Billionaires

2. Ingvar Kamprad


Easily the richest man on the entire list, the founder of IKEA is known for his extreme frugality. He reportedly drives a 20 year old Volvo, recycles tea bags, and steals salt and pepper packets from restaurants. His home is furnished with IKEA furniture he assembled personally, he uses public transportation, and his modest home would look at home in any suburban neighborhood. In his youth, Kamprad was tied to the pro-fascist movement sweeping Europe in the early 1940s, but the most shadowy part of his empire might be just how much of it he owns. IKEA is set up as a massively complex tax shelter and charity, little of which Kamprad “allegedly” controls. But it may be that the man who waits for after Christmas sales to buy wrapping paper is actually the richest in the entire world.

1. Clive Palmer


Australian businessman Clive Palmer has been all over the headlines lately. The owner of Mineralogy, a mining company which focuses primarily on providing iron ore to China, Palmer is known for his strange and grandiose ideas. In 2012, he spoke out against the environmental protection organization Greenpeace, claiming they were in cahoots with the American CIA to bring down the Australian mining industry. For some time, he had plans to clone a dinosaur to attract guests to his 5 star Palmer Coolum Resort. When that fell through, he commissioned over a 100 animatronic dinosaurs to be built on the resort’s golf course. His most recent plan—to build a replica of the doomed Titanic cruise liner. Palmer’s Titanic II, which is scheduled to arrive in 2016, is to be designed with authenticity in mind; the passengers will be separated by classes and forbidden to intermingle, and modern amenities like television will be unavailable.

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