10 Forms Of Satanism That Exist Around The World

3. Satanic Reds

The Satanic Reds don’t believe in Satan in the traditional sense but rather view him as a dark force that has existed since the beginning of time. Tani Jantsang, one of Satanic Reds’ most prominent figures, believes that the origin of the word “Satan” comes from two pre-Sanskrit words: sat, the word for “the boundless darkness,” and tan, which describes how this force stretches out and permeates into all things. In other words, sat means “being,” and tan means “becoming.” Whether or not this is the true root of the word “Satan” is unknown.

The Law of the Tan describes how sat is infused into every being. Each creature is connected to its own parents, and these connections form an intricate web that goes back to the beginning of life. They all follow their nature and are naturally at peace with their own chakra flow. The Nine Satanic Postulates expand on these beliefs, saying that each being is motivated by an inner force to constantly change and evolve according to its environment.

Those who go against their own nature are called Kipploths. According to the Satanic Reds, someone disrespecting what another person or creature is or turning against themselves is an act of evil:

The disrespect for what another creature IS, is a violation of ALL principles of life. [ . . . ] Disrespect means to NOT HONOR what another creature is. Or a human not respecting WHAT another human of another type IS. This disrespect is EVIL, it is like a war against the Great Darkness and it is thus, a war against the Self. The Dark Breath in that other person is the SAME Dark Breath that is in the offender. And, the Dark Breath CAN withdraw leaving a shell.

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