10 Forms Of Satanism That Exist Around The World

5. Demonolatry

Demonolatry quite literally means “the worship of demons,” though modern demonolators do not actually worship demons. Instead, they “work with” demons, as each demon is seen as a force or energy that can be called upon to aid in rituals or magic. Traditional demonolators actually do worship demons that personify their own attributes.

It’s important to note that not all demonolators are necessarily Satanists, though they certainly can be. Each demonolator chooses their own patron deity, and they are certainly free to choose Satan, who represents the element of fire. However, there are many demons of different religions to choose from.

Demonolators have three different possible interpretations of demons. The first is that they are like the ones in Christianity—evil sinners and tempters. The second is what traditional demonolators believe—that demons are personified forces of energy. The third interpretation is that demons are “gods in their own right as Demon means divine power.” Regardless, demonolators believe that their practice will not result in any sort of perdition or divine punishment, as these are “merely perpetuated myths handed down from a religion long past its prime.”

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