10 Forms Of Satanism That Exist Around The World

1. The Cult Of Cthulu

Cthulu Statue

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There is, surprisingly, a small religion that mixes the writings of H.P. Lovecraft with Satanism, black magic, and the Left-Hand Path. This is known as the Cult of Cthulu. Venger Satanis, the cult’s founder, acknowledges that many people don’t accept Lovecraft’s writings as reality, to which he responds: “There is no reality. What the human mind calls reality does not exist.” Satanis claims that everyone is locked inside a paradigm called Generally Accepted Reality, and he has the power to shape his own reality according to his own will.

“Long ago, I chose to believe in Cthulhu, Satan, Nyarlathotep, Yog Sothoth, and the Tsalal,” he writes. “My belief gives these gelatinous, winged, blasphemous, and sickeningly undulant fiends power.”

The Cult of Cthulu claims that the Old Ones resided over the Earth countless ages ago and that they spread their dark, forbidden, and arcane knowledge to humans. The Lesser Gods were chained and whipped, and their spilled blood created the universe. Some of the surviving Lesser Gods managed to break free and banish the Old Ones.

The Cult of Cthulu sees the Old Ones in the same way that many other Satanists see Lucifer, as beings that wished to bring knowledge and free humanity from enslavement. The Cult of Cthulu believes that the vast majority of human beings will live their lives trapped in the Generally Accepted Reality, and their suffering gives energy to the Lesser Gods. The only way to break free is to awaken and achieve True Consciousness. The Greater Reality that lies within each Cthulu Cultist goes by many names—the black flame, the mark of Satan, the gift of Set, or the call of Cthulu.

All evil gods—Cthulu, Satan, Loki, etc.—are thought to be merely extensions of the “formless black essence” that is underneath Generally Accepted Reality. These gods can be thought of as real or symbolic; it doesn’t matter how one chooses to interpret them. They all represent the concept of self-empowerment, the cult’s highest law.

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