10 Facts About the Psychology of Tattoos

2. Sexually Active

There is a stereotype that people with tattoos (especially women with tattoos) are “easy” when it comes to sex. According to a 2012 study from the Medical University of Silesia in Poland, people with tattoos are more sexually active than people without tattoos. They gathered a large group of people aged 20 to 35, and gave them questionnaires based on number of partners, sexual behavior, sexual harassment they have experienced, and their own view of how sexually attractive they find themselves to be.

They found that people with piercings and tattoos had their first sexual experience at a younger age than people without tattoos. They also have sex more often with their partners. However, there was no difference in sexual orientation or activity that is considered to be kinky or risqué behavior. Basically, having tattoos doesn’t make someone more promiscuous. It just means they feel sexy and confident with their bodies, and probably enjoy having sex more often than someone without tattoos.

1. Deviancy

Having a tattoo is not an indication that someone has a personality disorder, but there is a bigger chance that people who have these disorders will get a tattoo. According to a study from 1968 conducted by Dr. Richard S. Post from Northwestern University of Law, some tattoos indicate to police officers who is likely to be a “social deviant” that is part of a dangerous sub-culture. Dr. Post acknowledged the history of tattoos and the cultural significance all over the world, and even mentions the artistic skills necessary for someone to be a tattoo artist. However, he goes into details over the different types of tattoos that exist, and how to tell which ones were done while in prison.

There is obviously a huge difference between someone who has a teardrop tattoo on their face and someone who gets a dolphin on their ankle. Some of the most common tattoosthat indicate criminal history are a spider web on the elbow, three to five dots on the hand, and a clock without hands. There are also specific tattoos for specific gangs.

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